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1 Day 

Arrival in Batumi International Airport. Pick-up of participants and transfer to Hotel Paliastomi in the Kolkheti 
National Park, Poti. 
Description The Kolkheti National Park was founded in 1998. In 1947, 500 hectares of swampy forest and mire between the Rioni and Pitchori rivers was established as Kolkheti strict natural reserve. The National park is not a monolithic formation but is composed of several areas located in five administrative districts belonging to 2 historical regions of Georgia: Megrelia and Guria. It extends on the western part of the Kolkheti Lowlands and the main landscape type is the coastal plain. Kolkheti lowlands are distinguished by humid and warm climate. In their marshes and forests it possible to find rare plants and diverse wildlife of international value. More than 190 species of birds have been observed within the National park, among them migratory birds from Eurasia, Africa and China. 

On site activities/points of interest: Briefing; free time 
Accommodation Hotel Paliastomi 


2 Day KolkhetiI National Park 

Description The visit to the National park starts with the exhibition in the hall of the Visitor Centre where the group will get a small lecture about the Kolkheti National Park and watch some videos about Georgian Protected Areas. Then by pontoon boat the group will cross the Paliastomi lake and boat up the river with an English-speaking guide. In the Imnati area, in the east part of Imnati peat bog it is possible to hike. In the areas of peat bogs along the small Paliastomi lake it is possible to do bird watching from purpose-built hides and fishing. 

On site activities/points of interest: Guided boat tour on Paliastomi lake; bird watching; fishing; hiking 

Accommodation Hotel Paliastomi 

3 Day Chokhatauri – Chakaura 

In the morning the group will leave for Chokhatauri. On the way we stop at Lanchkhuti for a visit at the city museum of study of local lore established in 1998 where 8.000 and more archaeological, ethnographical and historical exponents from different Ages – starting from Neolithic Stone Age, are here to find. 
Next stop will be at the beekeeper Mr. Tamaz Glonti who will lead the group through his fruit garden to the bee houses and tell about his patented honey production. Degustation of home-made honey and other bio products from the garden will be offered to the group. 
In the afternoon the group will visit the Jikheti church (IX cent.) and convent in a guided tour offered by its prioress. 
In the late afternoon transfer to the mountain Guesthouse of Mr. Gocha Tunadze in Chakaura (Chokhatauri municipality). On the way the group will stop at the Nabeghlavi water spring to taste the most famous natural mineral water in Georgia with benefice digesting properties. A short visit to the water filling factory can be eventually arranged. Dinner at the Guesthouse with dishes of the Muslim tradition. 

On site activities/points of interest: 
1. Lanchkhuti Museum of study of local lore 
2. Beekeeper Tamaz Glonti and degustation 
3. Jikheti church and convent 
4. Nabeghlavi water spring 
5. Ev. Nabeghlavi water factory 

Accommodation Guesthouse Gocha Tunandze, Chakaura 

4 Day Bakhmaro 

The day will start very early with a full-day trip to Bakhmaro, mountain resort situated at 2050 meters above sea level. From the highest picks of the Meshkheti Range it is possible to see the whole Guria as well as part of Samegrelo, Abkhazia and the Black Sea. Resort Bakhmaro is of a countrywide importance among other Georgian resorts. Here mountain air combines with sea air, creating a wonderful combination which benefits lungs. 
In Bakhmaro the group will take horses and ride on a easy trail to the Transfiguration Church, to the nearby villages of Didi and Patara Baisura and to the upper Adjarian village of Zotikeli (8 Km ca), where traditional habits have survived. 
In the evening a walk up to the sunset hill will provide romantic emotions. On the way it is possible to see home-made cheese at shepherd’s home. 

On site activities/points of interest: 
1. Horse trip 
2. Upper Adjara village 
3. Ev.home-made cheese production 
4. Sunset mountain 

Accommodation Guesthouse Gocha Tunandze, Chakaura 

5 Day Makhvaneti 

ion In the morning the group will visit the monk’s cave monastery of “Udabno” which is considered the oldest monastery in the region (probably built in the VI century). The church is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist whose celebration is on the 11th Sept., day in which he was cut the head off. Here at the end of the XIX century the great Georgian poet Akaki Tsereteli lived and prayed here for three days. “Udabno” is rich with forest, perfect air and tasteful water. 
On the way to Ozurgeti a stop in Chokhatauri Museum of Local Lore, where it's possible to visit unique ethnographic exhibits. Here the group will listen to the famous Gurian polyphonic songs sung by local singers dressed in Georgian national clothes. 
Short lunch break (snack or take away) on the way to Chokhatauri art school where it is possible to see and buy felt souvenirs (Teka) and small paintings made by local artists. 
The group will than move in the early afternoon to Ozurgeti where it will stop at the local beer factory (the only one in the whole region), opened in 1937, and have a look at the production line and taste the fresh Ozurgetludi beer and lemonade. 
Next visit will be at the experimental tea factory in Anaseuli on the way to the next accommodation. The factory was opened in 1964 and produces natural tea products without artificial admixtures, using tea leaves from the villages nearby. Here it is possible to see the production and buy green and black tea leaves. 
In the evening transfer to the Guesthouse in Makhvaneti and dinner. 

On site activities/points of interest: 
1. Udabno monastery 
2. Chokhatauri Museum of Local Lore and music performance 
3. Chokhatauri art school 
4. Beer factory “Ozurgetludi” 
5. Anaseuli experimental tea factory 

Accommodation Guesthouse Jaba Tcheichvili, Makhvaneti 

6 Day Makhvaneti 

Description The most part of the day will be dedicated to relax in Janverdi Tsetskhladze eco-museum created by the host himself. Here there are wooden cottages furnished with benches and a pavilion to relax and enjoy the view on the hills. Surrounded by lush forests, it’s an attractive place for recreation. Lunch will be in the forest in a dedicated area where people can try to prepare kinkhali and shashlick. A trip to a small waterfall and swimming in the fresh water river is during the day possible. 
In the late afternoon before coming back to the guesthouse the group will shortly visit the Shemokmedi monastery and enjoy the beautiful view on the city. 
In the evening dinner at the Guesthouse with dance group performing national and local dances. 

On site activities/points of interest: 
1. Janverdi Tsetskhladze eco-museum, Gogieti 
2. Shemokmedi monastery 
3.Local dance performance 

Accommodation Guesthouse Jaba Tcheichvili, Makhvaneti 

7 Day Likhauri 

The first visit of the day will be at the biggest hazelnut factory of the Region, not far from Ozurgeti city centre. The factory, built in 2008, employs 200 workers and is specialized in hazelnut-processing coming from the local plantations which are then sent to Europe, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and other countries. Possibility to buy hazelnut bags. 
On the way to the city market a stop at the art gallery is interesting to see paintings and arty crafts of local artists. Possibility to buy souvenirs. 
The old city market is a huge labyrinth made of stands selling food, spices, cloths and more where Gurians everyday meet to do shopping. It’s a funny chaotic place good for having an overview on local products. 
After shopping at the market the group will leave for Achi and on the way will be made a short stop in Likhauri to visit the small city church dating X-XII c. Then, the group will have lunch at Salchino’s restaurant along the river Achi, a really impressive place surrounded by green hills and tables and benches placed in wood huts directly along the loudly river. 
After lunch the group will leave for St. George church and annex nunnery in Adshi. 
In the afternoon on the way back the group will visit the farm house of Vazha Patarava who will show how he makes home wine and lead the group through his immense plantation. From his house starts a walking trail through the forest leading to the ruins of the Queen Tamara’s castle on the top of the hill. Small refresh will be offered by the host. 
In the evening transfer to the new accommodation in Bakhvi and dinner. 

On site activities/points of interest: 
1. Hazelnut production factory, Ozurgeti 
2. City art gallery, Ozurgeti 
3. Old city market, Ozurgeti 
4. Likhauri church 
5. St. George church, Adshi 
6. Vazha Patarava farm and fortress, Likhauri 

Accommodation Vazha Antadze Guesthouse + Elgudja Skvitinidze in Zeda Bakhvi 
8 Day Bakhvi 

In the morning the group will visit Dato Teneishvili’s organic farm where guests can experience fish feeding, see a home-made biogas installation, a water mill, and a small tea factory. 
After restored with delicious honey, tea and garden fruits the group will leave to Askana to visit the ruins of a VI c. fortress on a panoramic position. The group will hike for 1 h. through the wild forest to reach the fortress where pick-nick lunch and relax time are foreseen. 
In the late afternoon the group will return to the Guesthouse and have a farewell dinner with local music ensemble. 

On site activities/points of interest: 
1. Dato Teneishvili’s organic farm 
2. Askana fortress 
3. Farewell dinner with music ensemble 

Accommodation Vazha Antadze Guesthouse + Elgudja Skvitinidze in Zeda Bakhvi 
9 Day Batumi 

In the morning the group will leave for Batumi and on the way will stop at the Akaki Glonti’s organic farm in the Gurianta village, where guests can take a pleasant walk among the plantations of kiwi, feijoa, hazelnut, vineyards, apple, chestnut, fig, persimmon and raspberry. Guests can also taste the exotic flavours of homemade chestnut and acacia honey. 
Arrival in Batumi, transfer to hotel and free time. 

On site activities/points of interest: 
1. Akaki Glonti’s organic farm, Gurianta 
2. Batumi 

Accommodation Hotel Sputnik 

10 Day Departure 

The tour DOES include:

• Accommodation in HB
• Buffet Lunch and tastings where indicated
• Drinks at meals (source water, home-made wine, coffee and tea)
• Transportation as per programme
• Airport transfer on arrival
• Assistance and English-German speaking guide
• Entrance fees & local guides 
• Dance and music performances as per programme.
The tour DOES NOT include:
• Flights to/from Georgia
• Visas
• Travel insurance
• Food for pick-nick/packet lunch during trips, which must be bought individually, as specifically indicated in the program
• Dinner in Kholcheti (restaurant Iasoni)
• Alcoholics and other beverages not listed above 
• Tips
• Airport transfer on departure
• Everything not listed in “the tour includes”


Participants: min 6, max 10
Period: June-September

The program can be modified according to weather conditions.

According to the principles of rural tourism, accommodation in villages will be double rooms in guesthouses. In towns, double rooms in family-type hotels. According to the number of participants, guests might share bedrooms in guesthouses. 
Toilets are to share among participants and have running and hot water, WC, shower. Toilets in the Guesthouses are all placed inside the house and are basic but clean. Only hand towels are provided by the host.

Airport transfers and inland transportation by minibus with local driver, as per program. For mountain trip jeeps will be provided.
Tour Guide will be the tour organizer self. Expert in sustainable tourism with fluent knowledge of Italian/English/Russian/German/French languages, history, culture and good management skills. 

In Guesthouses guests will be lodged in HB (Breakfast and dinner with Georgian-Gurian dishes). In the Hotel in Paliastomi and Batumi only breakfast is included in the rates of the rooms. Lunch, where not differently indicated, will be a buffet with tastings of local products included in the tour price. Pick nick food must be bought individually.