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The historic region of Samtskhe-Javakheti has unique & fascinating attractions for visitors. It is notable for the abundance of historic, cultural & ethnographic moniments:it has a range of ecosystems & varied landscapes. Archaeological finds in the region indicate that in Georgia wine culture existed about 7,000 years ago.The oldest petrified remnants of vines have been discovered in this region.


Samtskhe-Javakheti consists of six administrative districts: Akhaltsikhe (Population: 46,134 (2002 census) Area: 1,010 km²), Adigeni (Population: 20,752 (2002 census) Area: 800 km²), Aspindza (Population: 13,010 (2002 census) Area: 825 km²), Borjomi (Population: 32,422 (2002 census) Area: 1,189 km²), Akhalkalaki (Population: 60,975 (2002 census) Area: 1235 km²) and Ninotsminda (Population: 34,305 (2002 census) Area: 1,354 km²). There are 5 municipalities, 6 town lets, 67 community and village sakrebulos (assemblies), and 268 villages in the region.


Samtskhe-Javakheti is a mountainous area of volcanic origin dominated by the Javakheti Plateau. The landscape, which is largely vast grassland, is characterized by towering volcanic mountain peaks, deep ravines & canyons with widely flowing rivers, swampy depressions, springs & many large & small lakes.