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8.Village Damala-Kokhta Fortress - Village Damala.

The trip from the Aspindza region takes you through the coniferous forests and green fields. Enjoy picturesque views around and the Khota fortress near the village Damala, one of the interesting historical monuments of Aspindza district.

Points of interest:
Village Damala.
Kokhta fortress.

A Day Trip:
After walking of 20 -30 minutes from Aspindza district we can arrive at the village Damala, inhabited with Armenians. From the centre of the village Damala you walk to the high point the Kokhta fortress built about the X th century with its wall and a big tower. There are two ancient churches inside the wall. The Aspindza gorge was defended by the important fortresses. Among them the Kokhta fortress defended and controlled this gorge in Javakheti. Nowadays this fortress is damaged. Admire land with a beautiful view of Mtkvari gorge. From here the Varneti fortress and villages near Damala village can be seen. Crossing a little river, the tour leads toward the coniferous forest. There are a lot of places for picnic.

Easy hiking tour.
Length of the route:
5.7 km.
Duration of the tour: 5 hours.
Minimum altitude: 1 360 meters above sea level.
Maximum altitude: 1 580 meters above sea level.
Picnic lunch is recommended.