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7.Village Nijgori - Troglodyte Saro Village.

Delightful scenery, dense vegetation, parcel, secret tunnels, monolithic monuments, typical Mekhetian houses, terraced gardens, fields with flowers and picturesque views around.

Points of interest:
Village-Nijgori - the 12-14th centuries church.
Village Saro - three fortresses.

A Day Trip:
This itinerary begins from the village Nujgori, located near the road Aspinza- Vardzia. At the village Nijgori we can visit a hall-shaped church of the 12-14th centuries, typical Meskhatians ancient houses and ruins of mosque, fruit orchards. From village Nijgori, through the ruins of old village, alongside a canyon trail leads up to cave "Kvabiskari", a refuge during invasions, after that to the troglodyte village Saro. With its historical monuments, the village Saro is a very interesting place to visit. A two-nave church dedicated to Arch Angel (Mtavarangelozi) dated back to the 7-8th centuries, transformed in 1747, the fortress Saro, Darnebi (a system of underground dwellings and shelters interconnected through a complex system of tunnels, the so-called Darani) and a typical Meskhetian hall with its impressive roof so-called "swallows nest" (or crown, consisting of horizontally placed wooden piles, arranged in a steeple. A hole is left on its peak for air and light) can be seen there. Around the church there are stones of grave with forms of oxen and sheep. There are a lot of places for picnic near the church of Saro.

Hiking tour of moderate difficulty.
Length of the route: 6.75 km.
Duration of the tour: 6 hours.
Minimum altitude: 1 110 meters above sea level.
Maximum altitude: 1 440 meters above sea level.
This trip is a walking tour.  
Picnic lunch is recommended and a flashlight is necessary for exploring the caves and Darnebi.