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6. Ota- Shoreti Monastery - Ota

Enjoy a walking tour of the surrounding countryside of the village Ota. Passing this village the trail offers beautiful sights of the village Ota, where the local people kept their ancient traditions to live. The Shoreti monastery with its fragments of the mosaics and fine carving can be seen. 

Points of interest:
Shoreti Monastery.

A Day Trip:
The tour starts from Aspindza district passing the village Ota. Near the village there are remains of an old Fortress so called "Ota Fortress", mentioned in historical chronicles. After crossing the river "Otis Tskaro", the road surrounded by forests leads to Shoreti church. From the village Ota, in about 4-5 km, to the south-eastward of Aspindza Canyon there is a Shorety Monastery on a slope. The Shorety Monastery belongs to the number of important monuments of Samtskhe-Javakheti and this complex is distinguished by non-typical architecture and decorated with rare mosaic, frescos and beautiful stone patterns. The monastery is surrounded three sides by forests, rock and mountains covered with forest and the beautiful landscape. The Shorety Monastery was a prince realm. In the 6-7th centuries, may be earlier, there was a cult (worship) construction, a stone pillar of indicated centuries with a relief imprint is remained up to the present. To the 9th century we can attribute a church, type of basilica which was anewed later to a big temple. The temple has annexes of the12-14th centuries. The extraordinary original bell tower is believed to date from the first half of 15th century. It's also very impressive lapidary inscriptions on the wall of this monument.

Hiking tour of moderate difficulty.
Length of the route: 7.8 km.
Duration of the tour: 7 hours.
Minimum altitude: 1316 meters above sea level.
Maximum altitude: 1871 meters above sea level.
Picnic lunch is recommended.