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3.Aspindza District - Khertvisi Fortress- Kvarsha Church - Gelsunda Caves.

Khertvisi fortress is erected at Artaani and Javakheti Mtkvari (Faravani river) connection; the route starts from viewing of this ancient fortress. The path crosses beautiful fields full of colourful flowers, fruit gardens and hay-lands; the ruins of the ancient villages are covered with yellowish brown moss and with the background of snowy Abuli Mountains created indeed impressive harmony of colours. 

Points of Interest:
Khertvisi Fortress.
Kvarsha church.

A Day Trip
The route starts from Khertvisi Fortress, crosses village Kvashara, leads to village Gelsunda. Khertvisi Fortress is located on the ridge of rocky mountain and its length is over 100 m. The Fortress consists of number of sections. From the internal citadel the tunnel leading to the Mtkvari River can be seen. After viewing of the Fortress we shall continue our way to village Kvarsha, where there is a basilica church of 10th century. Along the route there are the ancient ruins of the villages, the attic of wheat, the domestic articles made of stones, the hay fields and a cold spring. The route ends at Gelsunda Village. 

Hiking tour of moderate difficulty.
Length of the route: 7.5 km.
Duration of the tour: 6 hours.
Minimum altitude: 1200 metres above sea level.
Maximum altitude: 1650metres above sea level.
Transportation: on foot or by horse.
Picnic lunch is recommended.