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Flights: Most travelers arrive by air, and following offer direct scheduled flight to Tbilisi.

Austrian Airlines from Vienna
Aeroflot from Moscow
 British airways British Airways from London
Georgian Airlines /Athen, Frankfurd, TEl-Aviav, Moscow, Kiev, Dubai, Deli, Vienna, Prague, Paris
KLM from Amsterdam
Turkish Airlines from Istanbul
Azerbaijan Airlines from Baku
Belavia from Minsk


Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) is located in 18km (11 miles) east of Tbilisi city centre.

Flight Schedules & Price. Click here .


Getting to Georgia by road is available from Republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Other main routes in the north connecting Russian Federation with Georgia is temporary closed for tourists of all kind. 
Currently available entrance points:
Armenia - Georgia 
Sadakhlo / Bagratashen (South- East Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 90 km. 
Bavra (the Southern Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi- 330 km, to Akhalkalaki – 40 km. 
Azerbaijan - Georgia 
Lagodekhi / Tsodna (Eastern Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 170 km, to Telavi - 50 km. 
Red Bridge (South - East Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 70 km. 
Vakhtangisi (Southern Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi 60 km, to Gardabani 20 km.
Georgia - Turkey 
Sarpi (West Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 400 km, to Batumi -15 km. 
Vale (South West Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 300 km, to Akhaltsikhe -30 km.


Getting to Georgia by rail is available from Republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The rail link from Russian Federation through Abkhazia is currently closed. 
From Armenia – Transcaucasus Railway overnight train.
Departures from Yerevan are on even days, from Tbilisi on odd days:

Routing Departure Arrival
Yerevan – Tbilisi 19:00 08:30 
Tbilisi – Yerevan 15:20 07:00 

Scheduled delays are expected.

From Azerbaijan - Transcaucasus Railway overnight train. 
There are daily departures from Baku and Tbilisi:

Routing Departure Arrival
Baku – Tbilisi 20:30 09:10
Tbilisi – Baku 17:50 09:00

Scheduled delays are expected.

Silk Road Express overnight train.
Departures from Baku and Tbilisi:

                          Routing Days  Departure Arrival
Baku – Tbilisi Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 20:00 06:35
Tbilisi – Baku Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 19:50 07:55


The main ports of Georgia are Batumi and Poti. They provide international connections with the Black Sea ports of llichovsky (Ukraine), Varna (Bulgaria), Sochi, Bourgas (Bulgaria) and Novorosiysk (Russia). 

Scheduled departures are:

Varna (Bulgaria) - Ilichovsk (Ukraine) - Batumi - Cargo/Passenger Rail Ferry (twice per week, subject to advice week in prior) 
Varna (Bulgaria) - Ilichovsk (Ukraine) - Poti - Cargo/Passenger Rail Ferry (twice per week, subject to advice week in prior)
Sochi (Russia) - Batumi - Passenger Boat (twice per week)

Novorosiisk (Russia) - Bourgas (Boulgaria) - Poti - Passanger Ferry (on Mondays)

It is expected to establish connection from port of Trabzon (Turkey) to Batumi in nearest future by Passenger Boat.