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Visa Issues


Who can enter to Georgia without a visa?

From June 15, 2005 Georgian Visas are not required for the citizens of the countries on the list:

USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, GB, Spain, Estonia, Japan, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Greece, France, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland.Israel do not need visas to enter the country. For the citizens of the countries listed by Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Also: Transit cruise visitors who spend max 72 hours in Georgia. 
Holders of diplomatic service, official passports of the following countries: Peoples Republic of China; Islamic Republic of Iran; Republic of Turkey and Turkmenistan.

Where to apply for a visa? 
All kind of travelers can apply for a visa at the Embassies of Georgia abroad or at Tbilisi International airport, where 24 hours consular service is provided. At the same time there are opened visa issue points at the Georgia - Azerbaijan border "Red Bridge" and the Georgia - Armenia border "Sadakhlo", Port of Poti but only for transit passengers. Citizens of Turkey can apply for Georgian visas also at Georgia-Turkey border points "Sarpi" and "Vale". Service hours at land borders are limited 09:00a.m. - 08:00p.m. (MAP)

Working days required to get visa: Up 45 days.




  Tourist Transit Business Private Multiple visa
Passport valid for at least six month from the date of application YES YES YES YES YES
Passport-size photo YES YES YES YES YES
Completed and signed application form YES YES YES YES YES
Letter of introduction from the employer NO NO YES NO  YES
Visa support letter from Inviting YES NO YES YES YES
company or person Confirmed air ticket of Georgia NO YES NO NO  NO
Appropriate Consular fee YES YES YES YES YES


Fees for visas 
Visitors should note that consular service both in TBS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and LAND BORDERS are only applicable for transit and single entry business /veiled up to 15-30 days/.
Business visas:  
US$ 10 for citizens of all other countries /veiled up to 1 month; 
US$ 15 for citizens of Republic of Turkey /veiled up to 15 days; 
US$ 20 for citizens of Russian Federation /veiled up to 1 month.

More information about transit, double and multiple visas is available at web page: www.mfa.gov.ge